Vesper Profile800

New Product 800W LED Framing Moving Head CMY Zoom Performance Framing Professional Stage Light DMX Control

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The Vesper Profile800 is led moving head lights,compact and private tooling design which make the best heat sink system into a medium-sized housing. The fixture is equipped with patented 800W LED module which could be CRI70 or higher. The brightness is very good that reach 17500lux @ approximately 33ft in the narrowest 5.5°. The beam effect is strong enough for many occasions.

Featuring CMYK color mixing, the unit can be very good performance in the television and theatre. The animation wheel combines the gobo effect with vibrant colors that can be used to create an abstract motion effect.

With an advanced 4-blade framing system and 90°framing rotation, the Profile800 support 5.5~50° zoom effect. The rotating 4-facet prism can be used to intensify the 7 removable rotating gobos and 9 static gobos.

The weight of Profile800 is only 58 lbs, making it easy for installation and transportation.This led moving head lights shoud be the perfect multi-function fixture to have in your lighting projects.

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Light source type: 600/800W White LED Engine
CRI 93
LED life expectancy: min. 50.000 hours
High-efficiency 13-lens zoom optical system ratio: 9:1
Zoom range: 5.5° - 50°
Cyan: 0 - 100%
Magenta:0 - 100%
Yellow: 0 - 100%
Variable CTO: 3.000K - 6.700K + - Green correction function
Colour Wheel 1: 5 fixed dichroic colours + white
Colour Wheel 2: one multicolour filter, two dichroic filters and two
CRI filters (80, 90) + white
Protocols: USITTDMX-512,RDM, ArtNet( can choose)
Framing: Rotatable framing module, +/-45°, with 4 individually controllable full framing blades with variable angle and position
Rotating gobo wheel:7 rotating, indexable and replaceable breakup and aerial gobos + open, patented slot & lock system
Static gobo wheel:9 static and replaceable gobos + open
Animation wheel:Aluminium animation wheel, used alone or in combination with gobos, rotating in both directions at variable speed
Prism:6-facet prism rotating in both directions at variable speed
Iris:Motorized, stepless, pulse effects up to 3 Hz
Frosts: yes
Motorized zoom and focus
DMX Protocol modes: 4
Control channels: 49, 42, 50, 43
Pan movement: 540°
Tilt movement: 265°
Weight: 26.5kg

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